Well, not really arms. I’ve just put up a new version of the library that provides preliminary support for the teensy 3.0 arm based platform. What does preliminary mean? Well:

  • Chipsets that required the timer are not supported on arm, this means the *595, hl1606, and lpd6803 chipsets. I may revisit providing support for them, though some of these chipsets also involved some asm work to make things happy.
  • The TM1809, TM1803, and UCS1903 chipsets are not yet supported. I will be working on adding support for those chipsets next.
  • SPI support, at the moment, is using a compatibility library, so it is not quite as fast as it could be. Still, much faster than AVR based arduino systems, though!

I just want to say, if you haven’t checked out the Teensy 3.0 yet, you should! This chipset smokes, performance wise. You can read a bunch about the platform here. Why am I really excited about this platform for future led projects?

  • Clock speeds up to 96Mhz
  • Ability to use DMA to drive certain classes of SPI chips (aka more cpu time for what you want to do!)
  • More ram – 16kb of ram vs. 2kb or 8kb on the avr based arduinos
  • 32 bit math operations – no more burning extra clock cycles because you want numbers > 255
  • floating point support
  • and more…

I’m looking forward to making use of a variety of these features going forward, working to keep this library fast, high performance, and let you focus on thinking about what you want your lights to do, not how you’re going to get them to do it!