The second preview release for FastSPI_LED2 is up!  Check it out on the downloads page – changes/updates include:

  • Renamed latch references to select (more accurate for what’s being done)
  • Renamed Pin class to FastPin (unlikely to be an issue unless you were directly referencing pins)
  • Add SM16716 support
  • Add pin definitions for the Arduino Mega, Teensy++2.0, and Arduino Leonardo
  • Add some useful warnings when definitions are missing

In addition – i’ve set up a google+ community for discussion/support and ongoing announcements and updates for the library.

There’s some more changes that I’d like to get put in and wrapped up before I move this library from preview to final releases, including:

  • Arduinoe Due support
  • DMA support on Teensy 3.0
  • Add APA102 chipset support
  • Provide more example code
  • Allow handling strips that confuse their RGB ordering